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3 ˝” x 5” Sketch Card Arches Watercolor 140lbs. cold press

So I was going to do some 3 ˝” x 5” watercolor cards for Denver Comicfest but I really was swamped with work and couldn’t really didn’t know what I wanted to put on them so the paper just stayed stretched on one of my boards and have kind of forgot about it. I need the board to be free for future paintings and don’t want to waist the paper by cutting it off without using it so I finally decided there was something I never get tired of painting that will use up that paper…Ladies!!!! LOL That’s the surest way I figured this labor was will keep my interest and now that I have the pre paint drawings on it I am now looking forward to completing this =^.^=

So the model for this sketch card is Penthouse Pet Cassia Riley who I have actually met in real life sometime in 2006. My friend wanted to got to the Penthouse club which is a strip club in Denver and get his some of his issues of Penthouse magazine signed because they were doing a big promotion and had a bunch of the pets there. While I’m not really into that sort of thing I figured hell it will be interesting and at the very least I’ll see some boobs XD

So we get there and he has the times wrong, and we are at this fucking place for like 5 hours before they set up the singing table….So I don’t know if I have to elaborate but no should stay at a strip club for more than 2 hours tops! I was in misery and came with my friend so I didn’t have a ride and was stuck there ride out this bizarre and mind numbing experience!

Anyhow they finally got the show on the road and the “Pets” start walking around and talking to people and Cassia comes up to me and introduces herself. I think she felt sorry for me because she could see I didn’t want to be there and I don’t think she did either. But we shot the shit for 5 minutes and she was really cool and down to earth . She then gave me a copy of her Penthouse issue and signed it. Like I said I don’t really go for that sort of thing but a Penthouse pet hands you her issue signed you standard protocol should be to smile thank her and take the thing. And that is exactly what I did, and wished her good luck with the rest of her night because I was going to find my friend and make him leave before I beat him to death. She laughed her ass off and took her leave….And that’s my “I met a Penthouse Pet” story! :D
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May 25, 2011
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